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Hon'ble Late Shri. Shankarraoji Kolhe Saheb

     A visionary leader and one of the pioneers of co-operative sector Hon’ble Late  Shri. Shankarraoji Genuji Kolhe Saheb established Sanjivani Rural Education Society in 1982-83. The objective behind it is to bring modern, technical and skilled based education to the students of rural mass.  Considering the strength of Sanjivani Rural Education Society to run the institute Government of Maharashtra granted permission to start Sanjivani Sainiki School and Junior College School on 1st August 2000.

            Along with imparting disciplined education, Sanjivani Sainiki School and Junior College has constantly tried to safeguard and nurture the sensitive human being in every child. School is involving all stakeholders effectively and uniformly in their endeavour.  It is a noble exercise to shape all round personality that will contribute positively to the society.

            Swami Vivekananda rightly said that “Stand up, behold, be strong, take the whole responsibility on your shoulders and know you are the creator of your own destiny”. In the years to come armed with commitment and perseverance in the pursuit of knowledge and education, Sanjivani Sainiki School and Junior College will serve the country for her glory.


            Sanjivani Sainiki School and Junior College, honoured the remarkable legacy of our revered forefather, Hon’ble Late Shri. Shankarraoji Genuji Kolhe Saheb, by nurturing the next generation of leaders. Partnership between School and Parents will continue to inspire and empower the individuals to make and enduring impact, ushering in a future where leadership transcends mere positions and becomes a powerful force for meaningful transformation in the world.

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