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Hon'ble Shri. Amit Nitinrao Kolhe

At Sanjivani Sainiki School and Junior College, we believe in creating dynamic youth for Armed Forces. Our commitment to provide quality education and holistic development of our cadets has made our school renowned in field of education. Our dedicated faculty, state-of-the-art infrastructure and defence related curriculum ensure that you receive all-rounded education which prepares you for the challenges and opportunities of Defence Sector.

            As the Managing Trustee of Sanjivani Rural Education Society, I take great pride in witnessing the growth and success of our students. Our focus is on academic excellence, practical learning and exposure to the world outside classroom, equips our cadets with the skills, knowledge and confidence to excel in their chosen field.

            In the current context of globalization, it is the competence of the personnel that matters and not just their ability. Hence educational institutions have tremendous responsibility of providing such personnel. “Show Quality or Perish” very much prevails at all levels of education. Quality assuring agencies like NABET also accredited our school and helped Sainiki School in recognizing at national level. The marvelous performance every year in the past of our students speaks great about the excellent quality of education being imparted here.


    I look forward in welcoming you to Sanjivani Sainiki School and Junior College and
witnessing your remarkable journey towards success.


With Best Wishes!

Hon’ble Shri. Amit N. Kolhe,

Managing Trustee,

Sanjivani Group of Institutes

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