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Hon’ble Shri. Nitindada Shankarrao Kolhe

I feel joyous to perceive progress made by Sanjivani Sainiki School and Junior College in last few decades. The seed of an idea was sown in 1983 by Founder Chairman Late Shri. Shankarraoji Kolhe Saheb in form of Engineering College and now the institute has bloomed into strong tree. The motive behind it is to impart quality education to the students from different parts of country, especially with rural background. I got an opportunity to shoulder responsibility as a Chairman of this institute; I will follow the footsteps of Saheb and legacy to transform socio-economic condition of rural masses through education.

Albert Einstein rightly said that ‘learning is an experience, everything else is just information’. The salient feature of the school should be to enhance students’ critical thinking ability and develop sense for application of knowledge in everyday life. Ultimate aim is to create awareness among the students to join defence related sectors.  I am quite sure that Sainiki School will definitely prosper in all the spheres of education. We all are aware about famous saying, ‘Good things remain good only because they are always scarce’.

Sanjivani Sainiki School presents a happy blend of traditional and modern education where good habits are inculcated in students to occupy better positions in the competitive world. The school prepares students according to its mission statement i.e. holistic development of personality, retaining the beauty of mind and intellect as well as soul. It makes me proud of our Alumni who are holding responsible position in defence related sectors, social, political and economic life. They reflect quality of education being imparted here. 

Along with imparting disciplined education, Sainiki School prides itself on mental, physical, emotional and spiritual development of students. Let us shape a bright, innovative and sustainable future for our cadets.

With Regards!

Hon’ble Shri. Nitindada S. Kolhe


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